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So it’s finally your wedding day and chances are that everything that has lead up to your big day has left both you and your groom feeling slightly stressed, and has possibly caused some wedding day jitters.

Here is a list of eight things to say to your groom on your wedding day so that he can enter into your marriage with renewed confidence and a big smile.
1. Tell him he looks handsome. Brides are not the only ones who want to be desired on their big day. Let’s face it, everyone is going to be oohing and ahhing over you as the bride (and they should!) but don’t be so caught up in what everyone is saying to you that you forget to remind your groom that he is looking good too. This will help keep him looking forward to your wedding night, and let him know that he is just as important as you are in the celebration of your union.
2. Tell him you feel safe with him. Every guy has a desire to be trusted. Remind    your groom that you trust him and that it is one of the reasons why you are ready to commit to him. Find one or two areas that you know you can trust him in 100% and tell him about it. Again try to be specific, and even remind him of a particular situation in your relationship where your trust in him grew.
3. Tell him that you are sorry. Sometimes fights fizzle down, but neither side tells the other that they are sorry. If there has been any type of strain on your relationship recently’ now is the time to let it go, and apologize. Remember, apologizing doesn’t always mean that the other person is right, it is simply a way of you letting them know that you value their feelings. Leave any pre-wedding drama in the past and start you newlywed life off on a clean slate.
4. Tell him that you are confident that life with him is going to be better than it was before him. Reminding a man that he makes you a better you, is one of the greatest compliments that he could ever get. It lets him know that he adds value to you, and that you notice it.
5. Tell him that you are happy to be his. As simple as it may be, letting your hubby to be know that you are happy to be marrying him may be just what he needs to hear during this time of commitment. A simple “I am so happy that today I will become Mrs. Jones” could really brighten his day, and ease his mind. It is also a way of letting him know that he satisfies you.
6. Tell him you are proud of him. Find a recent event, and point out to him how proud you are of how he handled it. Tell him that you are proud to be his bride, and that you simply can’t imagine having it any other way. Every man wants someone to tell him that he is doing a great job. It is one of his deepest rooted desires. It is important that he gets that confirmation from his bride first and foremost.
7. Tell him something funny. Laughter really is the best medicine, and chances are that at this point after all of the planning and preparations leading up to this day, you could both use a good dose of it. Studies show that laughter triggers the release of endorphins that promote feelings of well-being. So go ahead and laugh away all of the pre-wedding stress and enter your new life with some joy and laughter. So there you have it, a handful of great suggestions that will be sure to have your groom more than ready to begin this new chapter of life with you. Once you make it through this list, all of his fears will have melted away and he will feel like the luckiest man in the world to have found you. Do you have any suggestions that you would like to add? Leave a comment below!