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When it comes to planning a wedding it can definitely seem like a full time job, but with these wedding planning guidelines, anyone can take the task head on while keeping stress at a minimum.

1. Schedule specific wedding planning times. Setting boundaries in the area of wedding planning is healthy, and ensures that no one is overworked or stressed. Don’t forget to limit the amount of time per week that you spend on working on preparations. Designate days, or hours of the week for when you are going to work on wedding related tasks. This will help to prevent wedding preparation burnout, and will also ensure that you are more productive during planning sessions.
2. Avoid asking for too many opinions. You know what you and your groom like, and that is what matters when it comes to your wedding day. Asking for too many opinions can cause unwanted anxiety; this is especially important for people who may struggle with saying ‘no’. Before you know it you will be trying to please everyone else on your wedding day and all of your ideas and desires will fade into the background. If unsolicited opinions are a problem from close family members or friends, you can just let people know that certain elements of the wedding are going to be a surprise for those who attend.
3. Delegate responsibility. When done wisely, delegating responsibility can be a huge help in more than one way. Choose certain aspects of the wedding that are less important to you and let your family help out. Letting a mother in law know that you give her free reign in the area of invitations can help focus her desire to be needed into one particular area, instead of having her well-intended opinions and actions involved in every area of the wedding.
4. Rank details in terms of significance. Doing this can help to keep you well-grounded throughout the wedding planning process. It helps to realize that there are some details that you really don’t need to freak out about if they don’t go just right. Remember that this is supposed to be a time to celebrate your union, and after it is all said and done, no-one is going to remember what color the napkin rings are.
5. Don’t get caught up in comparisons. Have you found the perfect dress? Great! Now stop looking at wedding dresses. Being content and fully satisfied with the decisions you have made while planning your wedding is so important. If you get caught up in a game of comparison, you will never be happy. Too many ideas can lead to indecisiveness, and eventually have you running around like crazy at the last minute which will heap loads of unnecessary time crunching stress on you.
6. Outsource. Not everyone has a wedding budget that allows them to hire a wedding planner, but keep in mind that your time is valuable also. Sometimes it is wiser to outsource certain tasks to professionals, and often times professionals can negotiate special rates and may have favor with certain vendors. In some cases not outsourcing can actually cost you more in the long run, so weigh your options carefully. All inclusive wedding packages can cut overall costs and stress down by a considerable amount.
What tips do you have for us that have helped you to reduce wedding planning stress? Chime in the discussion below!