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Membership at The Summit Club

The Summit Club is a distinguished private dining club where members may meet their family and friends to dine in elegant surroundings while enjoying business and social entertaining with others of a like mind. Our concept of membership is reflected through our standards to details, decor, food, beverages, and the highest quality of service. The Summit Club membership amenities are in accordance with the finest club traditions.


We offer both individual and corporate memberships with three different membership classifications for each. Please read below for more information on which type of membership, and classification best fits your desires.

You may contact us with membership questions at membership@summitlongview.com .

Individual Membership Classifications

All Individual Memberships have a one time Initiation Fee of $300.

 Corporate Membership Classifications

Corporate club membership is a great membership that allows a corporation/company to have multiple users under one membership. The executive designee may choose up to four additional executives for the use of the membership.

All Corporate Memberships have a one time Initiation Fee of $350.

club corp guide imageView the Club Corp Network Benefits guides here for more detailed information on the many benefits of becoming a member.